The VISION for Future Female Travel is to support and connect women across the globe, linking our mental and physical wellness to ensure we can operate at the optimal version of ourselves. 

You Version 2.0.

Female travel has been a rising phenomenon for some time now with female solo travel becoming ever more popular. It has been reported that over $125 billion will be spent by women on travel in 2020.


In addition to this women-owned businesses are reported to now employ over 9.2 million people and generate over$1.8 trillion in revenue.


Female business travelers make up a large share of the Travel Market, with 48% traveling purely for business. With these numbers on the rise each year, women are being faced with increasingly hectic lives.


Whether it be a chaotic family life at home, dealing with traveling across country or often different time zones, our lives are becoming more and more stressful leading us to seek support in terms of our mental, physical health and wellbeing. 

Frequent travel can present a myriad of problems, and the implications of these can problematic to not only our schedules but our health and wellness too.

Frequent travel for business or leisure can present a myriad of problems for us, both in the long term and short term.

For instance, becoming ill around travel time might mean losing out on a trip you had saved long and hard for, not being able to do the things you planned to on a trip or missing important and crucial business meetings.

It's not just the trip itself that can be affected, for instance, what are the implications of getting ill before, during or after a trip? This can often have a profound effect, it may mean you have to miss the work meetings you actually went on the trip for, or it’s taking you a full week to recover when you return home which means your family life suffers,  


Frequent Travel can also increase stress levels, not to mention the effects that flying and jet lag have on our bodies.


Do you travel frequently and often feel the effects of loneliness creeping in. Finding the novelty of a new city wearing off and the prospect of sitting in hotel rooms night after night while missing events with friends and family at homeless and less appealing.  


Or perhaps you find yourself battling the scales after each trip and just as you get a handle on things you are off again on another trip and forced to watch the weight creep on after one too many restaurant dinners and glasses of wine on a weekday.

Don't wait as I did for your mental or physical health to fail you - set yourself up for success from the beginning.
The 4 Pillar System 
For our body and mind to be at it's most resilient we need to manage 4 crucial areas. This is especially true when we travel.
When we travel our immune system is lower we are exposed to more, our stress levels are higher, we eat and drink differently to how we would at home and we can be at risk from jetlag and poor sleep.



I help women to review, implement and maintain effective strategies to ensure their wellness levels are optimal across the 4 crucial pillars :


  • Weight​ Management / Loss 

  • Stress​ Reduction

  • Immune System Strength

  • Sleep Levels


Managing these 4 crucial areas enables you can manage your hectic schedule for the long term reducing the risk of illness and burnout.


Using a combination of mindset and practical techniques I help you create the perfect routine to manage your hectic lifestyle with ease. 

The Future Female Travel offers women health & wellness information as well as a growing Global Community, providing a safety net and support system of other like-minded amazing and inspirational women with the same lifestyle.


Connect, learn and grow with each other, take the loneliness out of travel and connect with women who travel to the same cities as you regularly.


I help you to implement the key strategies you need for long term Travel & Wellness success.

The ethos behind Future Female Travel is to provide coaching and support to help implement these key strategies in the areas that are important and unique to you and your lifestyle but also to provide a network to tap into where you can link arms with other like-minded women.


So instead of sitting in hotel rooms alone at night, working for the third night in a row, to have a safe travel buddy to go for a coffee or a glass of wine with, perhaps even dinner!


Why eat dinner on your own when you can connect with women just like you who have a love of travel, an entrepreneurial spirit and a similar lifestyle to you.

The VISION for Future Female Travel is to equip women with the right tools, mindset, and strategies to maintain health and wellness for the long term whatever life throws at you. But also to support and connect women across the globe, linking our mental wellness and our physical wellness to ensure we can operate at the optimal version of ourselves. 


You Version 2.0.