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Digital Version:
You can also use the workbook on any of your devices and with the addition of the Good Notes App (available in the App Store), you can use your digital pen or pencil to annotate and fill in the workbook. Check out the blog post here for direct Amazon links. 

Find Out How Long You Will Live & What You Can Do About It Workbook.

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Our health and wellness are the most important things to us and the sad fact is, we only really truly appreciate them when something happens to us or someone we love.

Future Female Travel aims to support women like yourself travel and maintain our increasingly busy lifestyles ensuring we can function as the optimal version of yourself and avoid burnout at all costs.

Before we can implement some key strategies for a long and healthy life - first let's start from the beginning and assess where we are today to help us tomorrow!

Are you determined to upgrade your lifestyle for 2020?

What you'll receive: 
  • A Workbook with 8 focused exercises to work through to determine your current health & Wellness status. 
  • Included is a current lifestyle assessment scale, goal-setting exercises based on your results, clear life expectancy indicators and how to ensure you are taking action in the right areas to upgrade your health and wellness for the long term.
  • You will come away with a clear outline of the areas you need to focus on and how to get to your key health and wellness goals.

Niki. M

I really wanted to find out with my current lifestyle habits how I would score on the 'Current Lifestyle Assessment Scale' and the results surprised me! The workbook helped me to clarify which areas of my life I need to work on in order to really take care of myself for the long term.


Lucy. F

I knew what healthy lifestyle habits were but I had no clue really what affected our life expectancy in terms of the true key factors! Quite a revelation! I'll definitely be making a few changes to safeguard my future.


With life expectancy, it's something that's always at the back of your mind but I wanted to really check-in and see if my current habits were supporting me. The workbook meant I had a clear process to work through and it helped me identify those crucial lifestyle factors!