1:1 Intensive
Prep, Pack, Go 
Upgrade your travel self - You Version 2.0! 

Be fully prepared for your trips and travel coming up!

Stay Well, Maintain your Weight, Reduce Stress & Sleep Well.


LIFE UPGRADE - discover how you can live well and travel well, reduce illness and find out how to take your routines on the go. Be aware of your Bio Individuality to avoid burnout and function as your optimal self! 

Using the principles of Bio Individuality and the lastest in Biohacking knowledge, I help you to deep dive into your current lifestyle to identify those habits that are working for you and those which may need some work in order to help you achieve your goals whether this be around strengthening your immune system, reducing stress, optimizing your digestion and gut health or improving sleep.


Bio-Individuality is an approach that believes “There's no one-size-fits-all diet or lifestyle– each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best an approach that believes each person is different in terms of how their body and mind function:"


The 1:1 Intensive - Prep, Pack, Go Package offers you the chance to explore your bio-individuality, to find out what works the best for you to fit your lifestyle at home and when you travel. 

While travel and planned trips are full of anticipation and excitement they can also lead to: 

  1. Increased Stress 

  2. Lowering of our immune system 

  3. Loss of sleep 

  4. Digestive and gut health disruption 

This is for you if you want to: 

  • Take your routines with you on the go, so you don't fall out of your good habits on the go. 

  • Make sure your immune system is supported before, during and after a trip, to avoid illness and the stress that brings not being able to do your job, enjoy your trip, take care of your family when you return home.

  • Ensure your digestive & gut health is optimised, so you don't have to suffer from the usual issues travel brings such as dehydration and constipation.

  • Do you want to have uninterrupted sleep patterns no matter where you are staying.

  • Do you want to reduce the stress on your body from travel in order to feel great and have all the energy you need to present in that meeting or enjoy all the sights you have planned to see. 

Are you: 

1. Ready to take control of your health, wellness & mindset? 


2. Determined to implement strategies that will support you for the long term?


3. Not sure about 3-6 month coaching packages but would like to take some fast action and see results?


  • 90 minute 1:1 Lifestyle Review

  • In-depth Bio Individuality Assessment 

  • 30 Minute Goal Setting Session

  • PDF Personal Action Plan for the next 60 days

  • Free Product to support one of the 4 pillars most relevant to you when traveling (Immune System, Sleep, Stress, or digestion & gut health)

Make sure you are functioning as the optimal version of yourself. Don't wait for something to happen with your health and wellness as I did. Work with your body. 

Not against it!

Review your current lifestyle NOW and UPGRADE to the best version of your self - 

You Version 2.0! 

Are you ready to invest in yourself?