Our Community and Network @FutureFemaleTravel

Updated: Feb 12

Future Female Travel is an all inclusive safe space for entrepreneurial women that love to work, travel and maintain their wellness while doing so.

FFT is intended to be a community for YOU and about YOU!

The @futurefemaletravel instagram features many of our beautiful, strong, independent community members! If you interested to feature on the page just send me a DM and I can get you added to the @futurefemaletravel feature schedule.

There will be interview features with these amazing like minded ladies in the blog here- who kindly take time out of their hectic schedules to chat to me!

We discuss everything from where they are at in their lives in terms of travel, business and wellness. As well as finding out which countries and cities they travel to the most - this is important as it means as a network you can link up with like-minded ladies who travel to the same locations as you do on a frequent basis! Coffee meetings and evening chats over wine with entrepreneurial women that travel like yourself instead of another night in your hotel room working or watching tv!

We find out about some of their travel tips and hacks as well as their biggest wellness struggles when they travel such as maintaining a strong immune system & gut health, weight maintenance or loss, stress reduction and so importantly sleep!

Sharing our stories helps us all and links us together in a network we can all rely on which is at the heart of why I created FUTURE FEMALE TRAVEL!

As I mentioned before this page is all inclusive and a safe space for us as women that work, travel and want to maintain wellness while doing so.

This means the next post COULD VERY WELL BE YOU!

If you are interested to feature on the grid just get in touch and drop me a DM here on the chat box or on Instagram directly and let’s chat!