FFT Community Member: Kirti @Travel.buddiesforlife

Updated: Feb 12

As I mentioned in my WELCOME POST, you will see two main themes on the Future Female Travel grid:

➡️ Amazing, out of this world images to provide inspiration for our next trips whether that be for business or leisure.

➡️ Beautiful images by our beautiful, strong, independent community members! With a Q&A FEATURE to discuss everything from where they are at in their lives in terms of travel, business and wellness.

✈️🙋‍♀️🌱 First up to collaborate with FFT is the lovely Kirti, who has kindly taken time out of her hectic schedule to chat to me!

You can check out her page at @travel.buddiesforlife ✨ Read and learn more about her business, travel, life and wellness tips/hacks below! ⬇️

Q & A

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your business:

I am Kirti, and I belong to the large mass of employees in the corporate sector. But, I am different from them in one sense i.e. I have a destination in mind and I have a plan for that. Couple of years back, I was living my life with no real purpose.

Now I have found my true calling...Travelling!!!I love exploring new cities and cuisines. I am more of a beach person. I believe the ocean is everything I want to be...beautiful, mysterious, wild and free❣

I run my own travel page on instagram with my husband cum my travel buddy with the name @travel.buddiesforlife where we share our travel journey with our fellow travellers and motivate them to travel the world.

2. Which cities in the world do you travel to the most?

Now we have covered major parts of Asia and looking forward to explore Europe, Australia and New Zealand in coming year. In Asia, we loved Thailand the most, followed by Sri Lanka and Maldives.

3. If you could only travel to ONE MORE  place in the world where would it be and why? Would like to travel to Antarctica because it's the most uninhabited continent and a really unique one.

4. What is the biggest health/ wellness issue you face when travelling? Could be weak immune system, weight management, stress, sleep etc.

As of now haven't faced any such health issues. The minor ones are manageable.We always carry requisite medicines with us.

5. If you could take one thing with you when you travel what would it be?

I would always want my Travel Buddy (Rajat) by my side because without him, travel has no meaning. In addition I will take my camera with me, as this world is too big to stay at one place and life is too short to do just one thing..so I take photos as a return ticket to the moment already gone.

Thank you Kirti for our wonderful collaboration here and it was so amazing to learn more about you ❤️✨ Welcome to the FFT community and as always I wish you more exciting adventures and that you LIVE WELL, TRAVEL WELL ✈️🌱✨