FFT Community Member: Carla @thegoldenbrunette

Updated: Feb 12

🙋‍♀️🌱 ✈️ NEXT UP to collaborate with Future Female Travel is the lovely Carla, who has kindly taken time out of her hectic schedule to chat to me!

You can check out her page at @thegoldenbrunette ✨ Read and learn more about her business, travel, life and wellness tips/hacks below! ⬇️

Q & A

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

➡️Im 28 years old, I just grow up in a town with the views of the sea, and always knew that I could not life without it. I studied veterinary, and I work as a veterinary in winter, while in summer Edou (my boyf) and I run our own business (a restaurant) to earn much more money to travel. He is french and i'm Spanish. He used to hate cats and now we have 3 of them!!

2.Which cities in the world do you travel to the most?

➡️ I don't usually travel to cities, they stress me so much, I prefer mountains or beach, less crowded, you can breath amazing air and be with your thoughts, but if i had to travel to one it would be Paris or New York.

3. If you could only travel to ONE MORE place in the world where would it be and why?

➡️ I don't know, somewhere with amazing weather and amazing clear waters. ;)

4. What is the biggest health/ wellness issue you face when travelling?

➡️ I always try to breakfast at the hotel, so I can eat fruit, yogurts and more healthy stuff. Also a bottle of water is my most important treasure

5. If you could take one thing with you when you travel what would it be?

➡️It would be a book, always a book Thank you Carla for our wonderful collaboration here and it was so amazing to learn more about you ❤️✨ Welcome to the FFT community and as always I wish you more exciting adventures and that you LIVE WELL, TRAVEL WELL ✈️🌱✨