the Founder and CEO of Future Female Travel! 

Hey I'm Jen, 

My mission is to help support women that travel to Live Well AND Travel Well.

I'm a Brit currently living in Oslo with my husband, and a serial entrepreneur by heart!


I created  Future Female Travel, which is a Wellness Business created specifically for women, to help them travel and maintain their healthy lifestyles with simplicity and ease.


I have spent many years working in a corporate environment in both Buying, Sales and Client Relationship Management, with over 15+ years of business travel.  


I've worked as a Luxury Fashion Buyer for companies like Armani and the Selfridges Group and more recently over the last 10 years in Sales and Client Relationship Management.  I worked for the Global Trend Forecaster and Consumer Research Company WGSN, as a Director managing the Nordic Region.


I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, however, I haven’t until now decided to set up my own business. 


With Future Female Travel, I aim to support the increasing number of entrepreneurial women struggling to maintain their hectic lifestyle and to help them to live and travel well to avoid burnout mentally and physically. 

On a personal note myself and my partner, Nicholas recently got married in Barcelona, having both lived there together previously it’s a city very close to our hearts.


I’m also a huge coffee lover and slightly dog-obsessed and I actually dog sit on the weekdays when I’m based at my Oslo office.

Jennifer Stewart, BA, TA101, PGDip, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneur Interview with Be Your Own.
Future Female Travel, is a Wellness Business created specifically for women, to help them travel and maintain their healthy lifestyles with simplicity and ease.

Every brand has a story right, and I guess mine started later on in my career and life. I loved the busy corporate life with its dizzying 150mph pace and the constant whirl of business trips, dinners, and expenses. I managed to maintain this lifestyle for a long period of time, but it was a few years ago whilst living in Copenhagen with my partner Nicholas, that I became ill suddenly and I suffered from acute appendicitis. While this was a routine operation and not the worst thing that could happen to someone - 

for me, it shifted everything.

Going from 150mph to 0mph in a matter of days had a profound impact on me both mentally and physically. Something that I didn’t actually recover from until over a year later. The realisation that, as the cliché goes "your health is everything" and "you don’t know what you have until it’s gone" came with it a total forced review of my lifestyle, and physical and mental health.

It's natural, we don't appreciate our health until our body fails us. 

I made the decision after this to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, (IIN accredited by the Department of Education and member of the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), licensed vocational school by the New York State Education Department).


This choice enabled me in so many ways, especially in meeting like-minded people and with the focus on both Primary (of the mind) and Secondary Food (physical food) this was a perfect combination for me.

Having studied and qualified in Psychology previously, I’ve always had an interest in how our mind works and how this is also linked to our bodies.


Future Female Travel is the result of my 15+ years experience and expertise to date but especially from the last couple of years which really helped to clarify my desire to help other women like myself.


We have increasingly busy lives with more and more being expected of us in this interconnected world and my goal is to help support women in order for them to thrive. 

Set yourself up for success, take care of yourself and implement the right strategies to ensure you can function as your best self in all instances.

The Future Female Travel Mission... to support busy women who travel and to help them live well and travel well.


Future Female Travel implements a 4-pillar system to ensure you can: 


  • Maintain your desired weight 

  • Manage your stress levels

  • Support your immune system

  • Manage your sleep patterns

Using a combination of the Future Female Travel  4-pillar approach and community, I work to help women become the most efficient, healthy and strong version of themselves to thrive in this busy, global world we are faced with today.