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I'm here to help you Live Well & Travel Well.
Learn how to integrate wellness into your travel routine and daily life to function as your optimal self. 
Don't wait until your health fails you as I did.
Using the principles of Bio Individuality & Bio Hacking I help you to create your perfect lifestyle.
Upgrade to YOU Version 2.0 now.
Jennifer Stewart, BA, TA101, PGDip, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneur Interview with Be Your Own.

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1:1 Intensive

Prep, Pack, Go

A BIO INDIVIDUAL approach dedicated to you. Be fully prepared for your trips and travel coming up!

Stay Well, Maintain your Weight, Reduce Stress & Sleep Well.

Work with me today & UPGRADE to you VERSION 2.0! 



THE DIRECTORY - find out all the NEW & Upcoming brands you need TO KNOW ABOUT & have at your side when you travel! At Future Female Travel, I believe only in clean ingredients, ethical standards, & cruelty-free products.


What People Say About Working With Me

Jen. W

Jen's enthusiasm for life is contagious! From the first day we met we laughed our hearts out and I have genuinely loved working with her on a regular basis since.

She is seriously knowledgeable and experienced which shows in everything that she does.

I'm so looking forward to continuing working with Jen and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of investing in their future selves.


Jennifer is a wonderful person and coach. She is a great listener and is so easy to get on with and talk to which is a valuable part of being a great coach. 

She’s super passionate about helping busy career women with their health and wellness and is constantly learning and deepening her skillset to ensure she is fully equipped to help her clients the best she can. 

Jennifer not only has the knowledge but the experience of what it’s like to work in a past paced career, become burnt out and ill and make the necessary shifts to transform her health, wellness and lifestyle.

For anyone looking for a relatable, caring coach to help you bring your health and wellness back to enable you to Live Well and Travel Well, I fully recommend Jennifer.


Working with and getting to know Jen has been one of the highlights of my year so far!

Her joy and positivity are contagious! I love how she is able to calmly think through situations and provide the best solutions.

I look forward to continuing our work together.